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Are you experiencing any of the following?

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are a hallmark symptom of menopause because so many women experience them. Hormone imbalance is almost always the root cause.

Weight Gain

Losing weight during menopause can feel like pushing a heavy rock up a steep hill. Balanced hormones can end the uphill battle, and make weight loss easier.


The other symptoms of menopause, like insomnia, night sweats, and depression, are often the culprits behind fatigue. The answer: balanced hormones.

Low Sex Drive

Low libido often gets lost in the shadows of more classic symptoms. Meanwhile, losing your sex drive can feel like losing a part of yourself.


Would you do almost anything for a good night’s sleep? Most menopausal women would. Sleep can be a rare commodity during this time in life.

Mood Changes

Mood issues comprise a particularly difficult cluster of symptoms because they impact those around you, particularly your loved ones.

Skin Changes

Hormone deficiency won’t do any favors for your skin if left unchecked. We halt those changes with solutions that work from both the inside, and the outside.

Memory Loss

Don’t worry—you aren’t going crazy. Losing your train of thought and drawing mental blanks are common during menopause and perimenopause.

Vaginal Dryness

Few women want to talk about it. Most women find it a little embarrassing. Lots of women have it. The good news is we aren’t shy about it, and we can fix it.

Hair Loss

There are numerous reasons why a woman might lose her hair, but two of those reasons are related to testosterone and thyroid.


The “silent” nature of osteoporosis is why screening has become routine in menopausal women, and why healthy levels of estrogen are so important.

Fertility Issues

Many women spend thousands of dollars and millions of tears trying to fix infertility. Balanced hormones are essential when trying to get pregnant.


  • Correct age related hormone decline

  • Replace falling levels of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone

  • Balance your body chemistry to that of a much younger person

  • Relieve low hormones and menopause symptoms

  • Improve overall health and function in the body

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